Social's Influence on the Path to Purchase

Learn how shoppers are leaning on social while shopping online and in-store.

Top Five Findings

  • 75 percent of people visit Facebook during their pre-shopping planning, where friends and family share their advice and recommendations.
  • While most shoppers are making their purchases in stores, more than 80 percent are using their phones to compare prices on other sites and social networks.
  • 47 percent of people look to write a review after buying, solidifying a connection between the shopper and the brand, and welcoming in others looking to buy in the future.
  • Of those people who write reviews after buying, 68 percent will purchase from the same brand again within 3 months.
  • More than a third of shoppers polled are looking for a quality relationship where they feel genuinely heard by the brand: 71 percent would rather communicate socially through surveys (like on Crowdtap!) and on social media than receive an email or join a VIP program.

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